Monday, January 28, 2008

Enchilada Night!

So last night Rheanna wanted to make dinner for Don & April since they're always so kind as to feed us hungry nieces and nephews. Rheanna's such a doll! Any who, we went up and made enchiladas and had fun just hanging out. For the red carpet event Emma decided to break out the good stuff and wear the jacket and dress Syd and Sara got her. Yeah, they're both sized for a 6 month but they fit Emmers quite nicely. Thanks Syd and Sara!

Bret came which was fun, i don't think I'd seen him since before his mission. It was funny too cause as some of you may know the saga of Jett and his secret girlfriend (see don & april's blog for more details), i asked Jett how things were going. Apparently she gave Jett her phone number and Jett came home and called her only to have the little girl's father answer the phone. He quickly said "Hi, bye!" and hung up. I guess we'll see if that hurt his chances with the girl;) Anyways, after that story was relayed, silly Bret smiled and said something along the lines of, "Wow! That's further than I've ever gotten!" Oh Bret, we love you so!

I Love this picture! It looks all picturesque, but if you look at Doug it looks as if he's peeing his pants! Brad and i had a good chuckle over this when we reviewed the pics. Apparently Doug never likes to take serious pictures.

Emma LOVES Doug! It's so fun to watch them interact

Chris joined the party right before we left, and he looked good! Everyone cross your fingers, we may FINALLY hear those wedding bells this month! Can i just say, Aimee and Chris, you two are AMAZING to me.

Jett didn't like the enchiladas and decided he wanted a Jacob rump roast. Can you blame him?! Look at the junk in that trunk! Yeah Jacob!
After tons of fun and lots of attention Emma was wasted. Hey, it's tough looking so cute!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


So my mom has been asking for longer videos (which i don't get mom, cause then you get frustrated cause your computer takes forever to download them). Anywho, Emma is becoming more and more talkative and so Brad took this video of her jabbering after her bath. I'm posting this more for my mom than anything...nothing too spectacular unless your a grandma;)

Monday, January 21, 2008

I call this...the balding baby mullet

So i dedicate this photo to Great Uncle Don! You know you really inspired me when you lovingly gave Jett a mullet, and so i couldn't resist to do the same for our little Emma;) You know i love you Don! And you know this makes Emma your favorite.
So like i said in the last blog, Emma has rubbed her hair off in a most unique way. And i'm still a bit puzzled how she did it because you'd think all i did was let my baby lay down. She actually doesn't let me leave her on her back too long, she'd rather me carry her all over.

Visiting Daddy at work and learning about all the bones he'd cleaned that day.

So i couldn't decide which to put on the blog so i put both. She's doing a great job at eating solids, and gets mad whenever we take the spoon away from her.
This is for you Syd! Emma and i went and hung out with Jacob the other day and remembering Syd's request for some pics of Jacob and Sara i brought along the camera. Hope this satisfies your hunger;)

just silly stuff

The End....or is it?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So we've been having family night once a month where Jacob, Rheanna, and i and our significant others get together for dinner and hang out. Let me preface this with the fact that Emma is rockin some serious ghetto fabulous hair right now. I need to post a picture of how it looks from the back and sides. Like her hair is definitely thinning and falling out, but while she was sleeping in the swing she managed to rub it off around the sides. but now it's a little thin on top too. Any who, Brad put on a show for the crowds at family night by giving Emma a ridiculous comb over and pulling out the tufts of hair on the sides. It really was funny, and sad...poor baby.
This picture is fun cause you can actually see that Emma has a neck. Her head is so big and cheeks so fat that you rarely see it. But it really is there. She was also making some funny faces and we were trying to catch them, but as soon as the camera came out she's hypnotized.
So we finally got Emma a booster seat. We'll see how tonight's feeding goes. Which reminds me, she had her 4 month check up yesterday. She's now 13 lbs 7.5 oz and 26 in. She's pretty long for her age, in the 95th percentile. She's already almost outgrown almost all her 3 month clothes, especially the footed pajamas. I'm hoping she'll stop growing for a bit so we can save some money to get her new stuff:)
Oh my gosh! A picture of me! Well...kind of. I was playing with Emma and she was being so happy i told brad to hurry and snap some pics. Gotta love the toe sucking...didn't Rheanna do that too?
So these next few pics are from getting ready for bath time. She was making some great faces and the hair was great! Wouldn't you agree?
our baby orangutan

So Emma's grabbing things a lot now. The other night i wasn't paying attention while i was scrubbing her down and she grabbed the faucet and gave herself a face full of water, funny for us shocking for her.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Music, Music, Music

So Brad and I really love music, and thanks to Katie we now have music on our blog. After talking to some of you I thought I’d write up an explanatory post on how to use the music playlist. You have to click once on it to be able to operate it, then you can click the play button to pause the music if you don’t like it. I put the playlist where I did so you’d all have easier access to it and so you can scroll through it and listen to what you want. It’s not exactly pleasing to the eye but I figure it works out better that way. Also for kicks and giggles, Rheanna happened to check out our blog with the video of Emma dancing while the song DARE by Gorillaz was playing, and the timing works out. Also, if there are songs or bands that you want to suggest us looking in to, please leave suggestions. We love good music and are always on the look out for new stuff.
Also if you’re curious about how to add music to your blog, just check out We also recommend as an online music radio. Enjoy!

Friday, January 11, 2008

A Day of Firsts

So today was a day of "firsts" and what a fun one it was. Emma being the wiggle worm she is, made her way from one end of the crib to the other once again last night. Normally she's face planted herself into the bumper, i'll try and take a picture of that next time. Any who, this is normally how she greets me every morning.

Another first is that she slept on her side today during one of her naps (that was all her doing). She's becoming really good at rolling onto her side. It's only a matter of time before she masters rolling over completely.

Emma got this jumperoo from Grandma yesterday. I had to put a package of diapers under her cause her feet don't quite touch the ground yet. She seems a little uncertain of it, but i don't doubt she'll come to love it as she grows. (Just so you know mom, she's not crying in the second picture, she's smiling).

Today was also Emma's first day trying solid's out. It was banana flavored rice cereal. She did suprisingly well and seemed to like it. I need to get a booster seat though. In the meantime either Daddy will have to hold her or the bouncer will have to do.

Can any of you guess what Daddy's doing?;) (i love you brad). Anyway, i thought this was a cute picture. She laid there quite content while I got her bath ready. I really need to get Brad to take pictures of me with Emma. Jenni and I talked about how men just don't see picture taking moments like we do. So all the pictures end up with either just the baby, or baby and daddy. Come on boys, step up to the plate! ;)
Another first was that Emma spit up on my face today. Not in my mouth, but on my face. I wish i could have taken a picture, but i was home alone and didn't really think about it. Next time (if there is one...i'm usually pretty careful about that) i will get one.

Dad was down in provo today and stopped by for a visit. I guess he'd made Emma dance like this over Christmas, but i didn't see it. Anywho, it gave me a good chuckle today and so i thought i'd share it with you all.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

More video for grandma!

So this is a convo between me and emma after i had changed her diaper. It's the bubble talk that she so often does. Enjoy!

chillin with aunt Rhea!

Emma got greedy with the freshly frosted sugar cookie daddy was eating, and thus the frosting face.

who me? i didn't do anything...cough...

4 months

So i thought we'd take a trip down memory lane since emma turned 4 months yesterday. I don't think the pictures do her justice as to how much she really has grown.

September 9th 2007 maybe and hour or two old

Emma's blessing day, about 1 month

I'm pretty sure this was taken at 2 months...maybe 3....but i'm thinking 2. I have to find where the other one went.

Taken 9th of January 2008. i should have dressed her in lighter pants so you could see better.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Video Galore & Giggles With Grandpa!

This video is just Emma being cute

Grandpa Newbold discovers Emma's weakness!

So the best part comes at the end of this video. Watch Emma's face at the very end.

Babies giggles are so fun!

And now she's worn out and ready for a nap, Thanks Grandpa!


Brad is holding Emma while the family talks on the phone with Dan who's serving a mission in Spain. Yes that is me looking wasted in the back...mind you i was sick and in pain.

Fickled and Frustrated

So here are the rest of the pictures from Christmas (mind you there are always so many just so grandma ashley doesn't feel she is missing out...i love you mom!). So i'm quite annoyed because my blog has gone all funky on me. I'm going to see if i can figure out what's going on whil Emma's napping right now. Also it won't upload my videos anymore, what's up with that? Can anyone help me with that one?...Eddie?...Jenni? I tried to figure out how to upload them to youtube but i'm really dumb when it comes to computer stuff. Oh well. Anywho, Emma's getting so big as you can probably tell in the pictures. She's starting to almost roll over, and talks a lot...especially when she's frustrated with Brad and I. I feel bad cause i know she's being serious, but i can't help but laugh at her frustrated bubble blowing and high pitched squeal. She's just so dang cute! She's quite the wiggle worm too and moves ALL over her crib. We're always finding her in different positions. We can't have any blankets hanging on the side or inside of her crib or else she inevitably pulls them over her head and then starts crying. Oh Emma, you make us laugh! Anywho, Brad and i are FINALLY getting a camera so we won't have to rely on Katie for all the pictures of Emma (thanks kate's!)

So this is first thing Christmas morning. We were talking on the phone with Brad's brother Daniel who is on a mission in Spain. The outfit Emma's wearing was given to us by a good friend of Brad's Mom.

I just love the various facial expressions Emma makes. Brad just called and said he got a new camera with some of the money we got for Christmas. I'm hoping i'll be able to capture more of them now for all you to see.

Poor Emma. I swear sometimes i treat her like she's my new toy...and there's nothing she can do about it. Aren't her expressions priceless in these two photos?

Playing with Emmer's

Emma's first Christmas. For those of you who don't know, i was SUPER sick during christmas week. Thankfully we were at Brad's parents and they were able to take care of her most of the time. Baring the sickness, we had a good time.

So this first picture is just cute, but the second is Emma in the process of talking. Her way of talking is blowing bubbles. I love this picture!

Ok, for those of you who don't know, I absolutely adore Elder Holland. This picture is dedicated to him. Brad and I often joke about how Emma looks like Elder Holland with those jowls.
"God bless us every one!"