Monday, August 20, 2012

My sweet little munchkins

So i've been deterred from blogging because every time i have attempted for some reason blogger will not upload my pics! i keep meaning to ask brad for help but only remember when he's not around.  Asi es! Anywho, i complain A LOT about my wild children to people, but i really do adore their sweet little faces.  I've been trying so hard this summer to really focus on being and playing with them.  staying in the moment.  When i do, it truly is magical.  They really are such beautiful and amazing creations.  i thought i'd jot down a couple of moments that i don't want to forget.
a couple of months ago (maybe less) we had a particularly chilly morning here.  Like most mornings we headed out to the playground right next to our apartment only to turn right back around and grab a jacket and cardigan (well...jude didn't, he was probably just wearing shorts ; )  Anywho, some friends of ours were out playing as well  and my friend decided to run back home to some jackets for her girls while i kept watch.  Emma seeing her friend shivering wrapped her arms around her friend and said, " I'll keep you warm Bailey!"  i couldn't help but smile at her sweetness, but her arms being too little to do much good, i decided to give up my cardigan to B until her mom came back.  Well once B's little sister saw she decided the cardigan must be hers so she ran over and tried to take it away.  Immediately i knew there would be problems as i saw emma get up to defend her friend from the wrath of the 2 year old little sister.  Quickly rushing over to diffuse the tense situation, i pulled emma aside to explain to her how cold B's little sister was and how she was just trying to get warm too.  I was relieved to see emma's stern scowl soften as she listened to me.  Then, to my surprise, she turned around took off her jacket and put it on B's little sister.  I was speechless (but only for a moment, let's face it, Risser blood runs thick in my veins ; ) i was so proud of her, especially cause i hadn't said anything about her giving up her jacket to B's little sister. I couldn't help but squeeze her tightly in a bear hug and cover her face in kisses till she smiled.  It was a proud moment for me.
It's fun too to hear emma and jude compliment each others art work with the enthusiasm of their mother.  They do love each other most of the time.
Jude is my wild child.  Just the other day (friday i believe) he was playing with a new friend who had dragged our plastic tricycle all the way up a steep hill right behind our play ground with the intentions of riding it down.  I was curious to see how it would all pan out, but luckily brad, being the more cautious parent, decided to intervene.  When he explained to jude that it wasn't a good idea because he could hurt his head, Jude in his fearless dare devil way confidently replied, "That's ok, i'll just get a new one.  oh how i love that little boy! His smile and the mischievous sparkle that always seems to shine in his eyes brings such joy and adventure into my life! (as well as many many MANY lessons on patience)
Eli is my cuddle bug.  He's walking and almost running to keep up with brother and sister.  He's almost always chattering away about something and definitely has an opinion about what you can and can't do with him.  Brad and i both agree that he is a blend of Emma's sass and Jude's joy.'s getting harder to keep my eyelids open, so with that i shall bid adieu until next time...probably around halloween ; ) 
p.s. brad and i are doing good : )