Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Fun

Enjoying Daddy on a Saturday : ) Oh summer please don't come to an end and take our daddy away...

we brainwash them into loving baseball while they're young

She's actually got a pretty good swing. We're thinking T-ball next year...

Feeding the animals at Sunnyside Park

They called me out to look at them. Emma said they were leopards lounging in a tree : )

Pretending it's bedtime. I love watching them play together. I've started trying to brainwash them (as my friend Kelly calls it) that they are each others best friends. Luckily it hasn't been much work since they already love each other. They sleep in bunkbeds now and when they were not going to bed we said whoever misbehaved would have to sleep in the baby's crib. We ended up putting Jude in the crib and they just cried for like 10 min calling out for each other. It melted our irritated hearts into not following through with our threat, but they ended up going to bed after that : )

4th of July festivities. Picnic in the park with friends and water time.

He was in HEAVEN

my sweet sweet little emma. i love that goofy smile.

Story time at the library...Jude would rather do his own thing

Carrying on with the Ashley tradition of being able to choose your birthday meals we had donuts for jude's breakfast. Look at that can you not love it!!!

A grateful sister who can hardly wait for her Birthday

Jude's 2nd "Birthday Party"

Pioneer Day Primary activity

Hitching a ride with papa bear, walking is for chumps!