Thursday, June 4, 2009

Back by popular demand

So just for the record, i'm missing MY nap time to do this post...i hope you're happy all you demanding people who are obsessed with my child! ;) you know who you are... I really have been just too tired to do anything when i have time to do things. I'll blame it on my unborn child. Anywho, we're all doing good and the dr is probably going to induce me on July 9th so that Brad will for sure be home and everyone who's going to help me can organize their schedule's (Brad's probably heading back out on his dig as soon as i get home from the hospital). Any ways here's some pics and video for your enjoyment!

Emma decided she wanted to try out izzy's kennel

my cute girl

sporting some new sunglasses at the park

getting up close and personal with a horse for the first time. She was excited but didn't want to get too close.

So Emma like NEVER falls asleep in the car so it was fun to catch her while i could

eating lunch with aunt katie...or i should say stealing aunt katie's lunch because emma didn't want her own.

This slide was HUGE and emma was a champ and took the plunge!

Rhea took us to the park this day and they were both trying to climb up the slide when emma slid through her legs. Can i just say i have the best sister EVER.

Playing at the temple

So for those of you who don't know Emma by a freak accident chipped her front left tooth over memorial day down to the nerve. After we were FINALLY able to get her in to see a dentist 2 days later the dr decided it had been exposed too long and she needed to have surgery asap to have the tooth removed. So she was put on amoxacillin (sp?) till surgery to prevent and kill any existing infection. She did awesome although separation was somewhat traumatic for all parties involved. She's been SUPER clingy ever since but so far everything looks good. She's our toothless little hill billy now:)

Finally getting to play with josh:) prince charming is always trying to put her shoes back on

SO we're finally at the "MINE" stage of toddler hood. This was probably Emma and Josh's first real fight over something. So before intervening i of course had to take a picture;)

Playing in Josh's bed, a favorite

Pool Time!

So this is from today. I'd given Emma some plain spaghetti noodles and went into the kitchen to grab something when i returned i found her sharing with Elliott.

So here's Emma doing silly faces. She also surprised us while we were at Mom and Dad's when Dad sat down and held up fingers for her to count. No joke she almost did it perfectly from 1-10. Brad and I were totally floored. We count with her and read number books but never had we held up fingers for her to count on her own. Every day she amazes us with how smart she is.

So i caught this after she had been saying Snoopy really funny but at the end it's pretty good.

So i FINALLY was able to catch Emma singing on camera. She often likes to make up her own songs and it's so fun to watch. She loves singing!

This is from forever ago but i only just found it. Neither Brad or i remember this but we had a chuckle watching it.