Friday, March 28, 2008

My Bradley Novel...i hope i don't embarrass him...

So Brad's gone presenting at some conference in Canada this week and doesn't get back till Sunday. So it's been a pretty quiet week without him, and needless to say, we miss him. So i was reminiscing today (and listening to the iron and wine song now playing) about how we met and our story and thought it would be fun to write a post about it. I'll try my best not to embarrass brad or the innocents involved in our story.

I think it's kind of funny how well we fit when in some ways we are so incredibly different, but i guess that's probably what makes us work. I say that because Brad is a very private person and i'm an open book. This is going to be fun, i'm getting giddy just thinking about it! I'm such a nerd.

SOOOO it's so romantic, we met cleaning toilets:) Well sort of, we worked as custodians at Heritage Halls on campus. I'd seen him but never really talked to him till 2 semesters had gone by. We never worked together till then. For some reason i knew i wanted to get to know him. He just seemed intriguing to me, like there was more than met the eye. I don't think i was looking for a relationship because i was still nursing some wounds from a serious relationship i'd been in. Any who, our first subject was music...a common love. So when i heard some of the bands he liked i knew we'd be friends. So we began talking and working more and more. On his side of the story, he thought i was a spunky, crazy dressed girl. He thought i was cute, but not necessarily his type, nevertheless, he kept feeling like he should ask me out, something he'd never experienced before (yeah, it took heavenly guidance to ask the crazy girl out).

it was funny because i remember the first time he called me and how surprised i was. It was raining out (i don't know why i remember that) and he called saying that him and his friends were getting together at his place for pizza and to watch the BYU men's volleyball game. Since he knew i loved volleyball he wanted to know if i wanted to come hang out and bring friends. Well no one could go with but i thought it would be fun and he had peaked my interest. Was this just a front for something more? Or did he just think i'd be fun to hang out with. I was a little nervous! So he came and picked me up and i met the gang for the first time. I can't remember if Rhett was there but i know Joe was...and maybe John, Clint and the girls...i only remember Sandra's name. It was fun and afterwards they decided we should go to the batting cages. When we got there i remember telling Brad how baseball was ok if you were playing it but that i thought it was the most boring sport. He just smiled in his polite quiet way and i think we began talking about something else. Well after a bit, Brad got in the cage and went to town. Sandra and the other girl were laughing at how in to it he was and turned to me and told me how baseball happened to be his FAVORITE sport....yeah...i felt pretty lame in that moment. DOH! Obviously it didn't phase him thank goodness;) So after that we began to hang out more and he would give me rides home from work in SAABY (i miss that car) and we went running together every now and then. Then one night there was a lunar eclipse and i think i asked him if he wanted to go watch it. That's when i knew he liked me. Nothing happened, but you know when you just know there's chemistry there? Well that's what i felt. So then a few days later during our lunch break (which we started taking together) he brought up that there was a cultural festival happening in salt lake that weekend and it seemed like it would be pretty cool. I knew he was trying to ask me out and wanted me to initiate the date but i remember thinking to myself (i'm so stubborn) "no way mister, i initiated the lunar eclipse, you're gonna ask me out on your own!" Poor Bradly, i wonder if he knew what he was getting into when he met me. So yeah, he didn't say anything else and neither did i other than "oh that sounds like fun!" I think a couple of more days passed till he finally asked me if i'd go with him. (If you could see me i have the cheesiest grin on my face right now just thinking about it, i love that boy and his patience!) So we went and had a really good time. But we were just casually dating and free to date others although i think we pretty much kept to each other. I think that was the summer of 2003. I remember going home for a visit and my mom and i went to see a movie but we got there early so we decided to play a trick on Brad. She called him and pretended to be a girl in his ward and asked if he would go on a group date with her and her roommates. Now thinking back i'm sure he was confused and caught off guard (i'm thinking of his reaction at the time) but was like "Sure, that sound great!" Then i chimed in, i don't know what i said but i'm sure he felt silly, especially because my mom was in on it. Poor kid. We had a good laugh though.

I remember how i really liked being with him and felt safe with him but uncertain as to whether i wanted to get serious. Especially since i knew i was going to serve a mission in a year. A lot of guys i had casually dated would be all "Oh that's great!" when i'd tell them, but as soon as things started getting serious they would try and deter me from going. But i always felt like it was what i was supposed to do. It wouldn't be long after till they'd stop calling. In a way i was afraid Brad would be the same and i didn't want that to happen, but at the same time for the first time i never felt pressured to tell him. Then one night when we were talking on the phone i asked him what was the best thing that had happened since he'd gotten home from his mission. After he thought a little he said, "My sister going on a mission" he went on to say a little more about her and that's when i felt safe. And i told him how i planned on going on one. He was so excited for me. But the thing that set Bradly apart from all others i had ever dated was he was always genuine. I never had to second guess his reactions. Like you know those games you play when you're in the dating game...he NEVER played them. I always joke with him about how sincere he is, and how he didn't know how to play the game, he insists he did...but that's just not who Brad is. And that's just one of the many reasons why i love him. ( this is going to be a long blog)

Another time an incident had happened that i thought for sure would make Brad mad at me. It was silly and i was all worried about telling him and many people told me not to that it wasn't a big deal, but to me it was. So one night Brad was over helping me clean my apartment and i finally burst out telling him everything. I remember bracing myself for the worst and seeing Brad just calmly sit there and say, "Ok." I laugh now at the incident because it's so Brad to act and not react. But at the time i was in absolute shock at his reaction. I mean i come from a very emotional passionate family where just about anything can be a big deal (or maybe that's just me) and to see him sit there so calmly...i didn't know what to do. I was sure i had inadvertently hurt his feelings and that KILLED me. So i was like, "Ok? That's it? You're not going to yell at me or get angry?" and he was like, "No, should I?" and he was SO games. I remember specifically asking him to yell at me and get angry or do something because i felt bad and he just chuckled and smiled at me and said, "If you want to be punished it looks like you've punished yourself." Yeah to be honest i think most people in his position would have been upset with me, but not Brad. I was in such shock that i think i just stood there bewildered and wondering if such an amazing person could really exist. Eventually i think i smothered him in hugs repeatedly apologizing. He just chuckled and said it was ok and not to worry anymore about it. That's when i knew that Brad was someone really special, and someone i could be safe with. I knew that for the first time in a LONG time i could actually fall in love again. Well a few weeks passed and our relationship progressed till i finally felt like i wanted to take it to the next level and date exclusively. But at the same time i knew something was bothering Brad because he acted like something was on his mind. Finally after we went out one night and he'd dropped me off i called him and we decided we needed to talk. It was late, probably 12 when we went to Kawanis park to talk. In time it came out that even though Brad really liked me he'd been feeling lately that he needed to cut things off and just be friends. I didn't know what to think because i'd felt the opposite. It killed us both, but i trusted him and so i said ok. Now sadly (but this is because this is always what had happened to me) i thought that that was the end. I didn't think he'd really continue to be my friend because that never really happens. At least not in my world. I was so bummed for the next few days. I didn't even see him because he had left town with his family to visit Cali where he'd grown up. But when he got back, he still came and had lunch with me and talked with me and even accepted to come over for dinner to tell me how his trip went.

I'm so grateful for that break because in that time we became the best of friends. I had wanted for the longest time to meet his family and so he finally invited me to go see a friend of his who was playing in a band (Mike...yes, you are part of our story) and then afterward meet his family. I was so nervous and so excited. I remember meeting them for the first time. Nick was probably 6 or so and had a cast on his arm and was reading Harry Potter with Mom. Dan had his crazy Afro hair and was in his pjs and bathrobe at the computer and Dad was making sure we were comfortable. I think Dad offered us some fresh cherries from Grandma's tree's. I was smitten. I remember my heart aching because i felt so loved by them and wanted so badly to claim them as my own (i'm seriously getting emotional just thinking about it...i'm so silly!). Well it was getting late and i think Nick had even fallen asleep on the couch and so Brad and i said goodbye and left to head back to provo. That was another milestone in our relationship because we had a really good talk. I'd asked him if he'd ever been in love before and that's where he shared THE most precious story i'd ever heard. Seriously! You could make a movie out of it. You know, the typical shy boy liking the popular girl ever since elementary them being friends but her never knowing type deal. I won't go on, but i was in awe. What it came down to was that Brad had never told the girl and i was like (in my head) "This is why Brad and i met, it is my mission to get him to open up more and to get him together with this girl!" (it was that good of a story). And for the first time i understood what it meant to love a person so much you just wanted them to be happy. Regardless as to whether or not it was with you. I think i even told him that i was going to get him to confess this to the girl because if he didn't he would regret it the rest of his life! And i meant it and was actually quite passionate about it. We talked even more after that and he began to talk more about how he felt about things and we seriously became so close. School started up again and so we didn't talk as much but ended up working the same shift and getting positions that involved us working together a lot. One day we were cleaning lights in the Conference room that involved us using ladders. I remember trying to freak Brad out by wobbling my ladder at i went and him getting so worried that i would fall that he came and held my ladder. I just laughed and thought it was funny as i was climbing down when our eyes met (i know this sounds cheesy but it's true) and there was something different about the way he was looking at me. Like a more than just friends "i care about you" look. It startled me because i hadn't seen that look in a LONG time. Well that got the ball rolling and finally by the end of September i knew i was seriously in love with him and that if i didn't tell him i would regret it the rest of my life. I wasn't expecting anything in return, especially since i was trying to get him together with this other girl, i just needed to tell him.

So one night i called him and asked him if we could go for a walk and talk. In a heart beat (as always) he was there asking me what was on my mind. Now you must know during our entire relationship i was always the one who easily discussed what was on my mind and my feelings, yada yada yada... But Brad always took time to think things over, how to word them perfectly and the thoughts came little by little. He wasn't used to opening up like i was. But this night man alive i could not get things out. Finally we sat down and were talking about stuff when finally i started mumbling how i didn't want to freak him out or expect ANYTHING from him but that i just needed to get this off my chest, period. Eventually i managed to get the words out that i loved him, and that i just needed him to know that. I couldn't even look at him, i think i was picking at the grass. When i heard him start to spill is guts and talk without hesitation (oh how the roles had been reversed) and how in the end, he realized that he was in love with me. Now i hadn't really been expecting that and didn't really know how to react. I was seriously just numb and just sat there. Finally he walked me back to my apartment and that was that. Funny huh?

Well a few days later i began to stress out (because that's what i do best) and feel like it wasn't right for me to let him love me because i was going on a mission and if he stayed with me who knew what experiences he would miss out on. I remember being so worried and upset about it that i called him bawling my eyes out. He was so sweet and calm and reassured me that this was his choice and responsibility to love me, not mine and to not worry about it. He just reassured me that everything would be ok and that he would support me 100% on going on my mission and to go to bed and get some sleep. Sure enough the next morning i felt at peace with everything and felt that it would all work itself out in the end. That weekend we had our first kiss:)

Sure enough he kept his word and as the following months passed he never once discouraged me from serving a mission. For the first time all those who had always been supportive and encouraging of me serving began to waiver and ask if this was really what i was supposed to be doing (they had all met Brad). My one best friend even took me for a drive to talk about it, to see if i was really sure i should go because she was worried that Brad would be snatched up while i was away and he was too good of a guy to pass up. I'll admit, there were times i was almost convinced to stay for him. But he was the only one who could have kept me back, and he never wavered in his support. He made me excited and eager to serve. He was my angel and sanity. Finally the time came to go and i went. He had my full permission to see other people and he did.

He wrote me faithfully during my entire mission. I think he rarely missed a week the entire 18 months of service. Not once did he try and get me to come home or distract me from what i was doing. He always wrote these spiritually uplifting and encouraging letters. I'll admit i got frustrated, i wanted him to write lubby dubby stuff, but he didn't, he didn't want to be a distraction. He continued to be my rock.

Finally my 18 months were up and i'd had INCREDIBLE experiences that have changed and shaped my life forever. I found "My People" out there in New Jersey. A big piece of my heart is still there. I'm so grateful for those spanish people who continue to astound me...but that's another story. When i got home, Brad was still there. He was the first person i called that first night of being home. I don't even remember how long we talked, and every night afterwards. Finally the whole marriage idea came up, we both knew we didn't want anyone else. Especially since 18 months had past without us talking (just writing) and our love had only grown. He surprised me and flew out at the end of April after school had let out and proposed in the sacred grove up in palmyra NY. My most favorite place in the world. 3 months later we were married and a little over a year later Emma joined the group.

I'm so grateful for Brad and all that he is. I don't think i know a more patient or gentler person. Not once has he ever raised his voice at me, or belittled me, or kept me from growing. Even when i want to give up he's always there telling me i can do it. He is the most amazing man i know. I wish everyone knew him and saw him like i do. I still can't believe a person like him can exist. And i find it harder to believe that he STILL loves me;) I really am one lucky girl. Well, bravo if you've actually read this whole blog. There's details i left out, but that's probably lucky for us all. It'll be interesting to see Brad's reaction to this. (Sorry honey, i was bored and you know how i like to reminisce;) Anywho, and they lived happily ever after...the end.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy (Belated) Easter!

So Happy Easter everyone! Seems like i'm always a little behind in wishing happiness to people whatever the occasion may be (right syd? ;) We had a fun time visiting with Grandma and Grandpa Newbold as well as Carol who flew in for the holiday. Well we had fun except for the rough time Emma had when it came to sleeping. THAT was not fun. But all in all good times were had by all! I did however get a little homesick again and missed being with the Kasch clan and family. (You guys need to post pictures of how things went). Anywho, here's a bunch of pictures of our little vacation. Plus a little treat at the end;)

Ok so this picture was actually taken a couple of weeks ago when Katie came for a visit. This is one of my favorite Emma faces. We tried and tried to get her to smile, but she wouldn't have it. It could be due to the fact that she skipped out on a nap that day, but nevertheless, it makes me laugh. Look at those cheeks!

Keeping Uncle Nick company

Chillaxin with Dad and Nick

Playing with Grandma and a toy the Easter Bunny brought

Family photo. Can you guess what's on in the background? I'll give you a hint, Grandma and Grandpa just got direct TV...if you were Grandpa or one of the male Newbolds, what channel would you likely be caught watching?...

Playing with Emmers

We had a special appearance from the Easter Bunny, she chatted with Grandpa for a bit before church

Showing off her Easter Dress

Another family photo

So Grandpa, Brad and Emmers disappeared to Nate's room (who conveniently happens to have an HDTV) when all of a sudden we hear Izzy (the dog) barking and a baby. Apparently some kids were walking by and Izzy went nuts, the following is Emma's reaction. What's funny too is that this was the first time Emma paid any attention to Izzy. I think someday we're gonna have to get a dog.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So Emma is growing more and more each day, and it's so fun to watch her personality become more and more developed. Emma has learned how to sit up on her own within the past month, but with sitting up comes falling down until you really get the hang of it. Well lucky for her she is a) one tough cookie and RARELY cries when we're certain she should, and b) she thinks it's so fun when she falls over on the bed. Well, just yesterday, I was playing with her when she purposefully began to fall backwards. If you watch, you can see her arching her back to flop onto the bed. We were cracking up! So, I hope you enjoy (what is proving to be) our wild child.

Since she was all wound up, Daddy got some more giggles and squeals out of her.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy 6 Months Emmers!

So I meant to post this yesterday, but things were a bit crazy. Officially, Emma turned 6 months on Sunday, but she didn't have her 6 mos check up till yesterday. She is now 14 lbs 12 oz and 26 1/2 inches long. She's lost a little weight, but now we know that we need to feed her a bit more of the solids so i'm sure she'll pack on the pounds quickly. She officially has 2 teeth (the front two bottom), can roll over (both ways, although more so from back to tummy), sits up on her own, stands with support, laughs, babbles, sucks on her toes, picks things up, responds to her name, eats solids, holds a bottle, and we just taught her how to clap (she'll clap now every time we shout "Yay!" I'll try and get it on video soon). She has recently become fascinated with tags on things, enjoys reading books (I know, she's a genius) and LOVES frozen green beans. She is not, however, sleeping through the night, yet (much to my dismay). Especially lately she's been waking up quite often actually. BUT we're hoping that now that she'll be eating more she'll sleep soundly quite soon. I posted pictures of her at 2 mos with puppy. She's growing so fast!

My little lamby

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Weekend of Family!

So we had a fun weekend this week. I now realize that the photo timeline is backwards, but I'm too lazy to change them. So anywho, we had a lot of fun visiting with Katie on Saturday and then having family night on Sunday. We love our family and feel so lucky to have some living close by. I can't imagine not living close to them...I hope one day we'll all live at least within the same state! Thanks for all the fun!

What is it about Jacob's bootie that draws kids to it like moths to a light. Maybe cause it's just so big! Oh Jacob, we sure do love you!

Uncle Jacob is one silly guy.

Hanging out with Uncle Jacob (Ashley, again, thanks for the cute onsie; it's my favorite on her. Where did you find the plain white onsies? I can never find them!)

So this next set of photo's are Rheanna and Emma wrestling. I think Rhea was trying to tickle her by biting on her sides. Then this fight ensued...

Emma comes off victorious (just like her momma...I always beat Rhean when we wrestle...although its been a while, Rhea we need to wrestle)! Check out Rhea's hair!

The happy little family!

Doug and Rheanna posing. No really, I waited for them to change but they said to just take the pic.

Brad didn't like this pic of him. I still think he's cute ; )

Playing Cranium for our family night activity. Check out a typical "Rheanna's losing" face. Simply priceless.

"What...what ya lookin at?"

Lil' cuddle monkey and Aunt Katie

So I feel bad when we eat in front of Emma because it's almost like it makes her sad because she's not eating what we are. So, I've found that if I give her a frozen green bean it tends to pacify her and make her feel included.

Sleeping beauty. I didn't use the flash because I didn't want her face to be super white and bright. She's so cute! Don't you just want to bite those cheeks?!

So Emma's learning to sit up on her own without support right now, but she doesn't like it too much when mom is out of sight for too long. This makes it a little difficult when I'm trying to get dinner ready. So I've found that if i sit her in her crib holding onto the railing (her crib is connected to the kitchen...the joys of one room apartment) she is happy to suck on the railing and watch me cook.

Lately Emma has been waking up earlier than 7:30am. She'll usually play in her crib till 7 and then cry for us to get her. Brad and I are still pretty tired so I usually grab a couple of toys and pull her into bed with us till 7:30. She loves playing in our flowered sheet.

I haven't posted a video in a while. Rheanna was about to leave when I was getting Emmers ready for bath time (it seems like that's what I'm always doing). Anywho, she was chatting up a storm with Rheanna and kicking her legs out and it was cute.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Zen

So, in my short life time, I have come to find MANY misconceptions concerning the "Mormon" faith. At times it was frustrating, but more than once, just plain comical. My personal favorites would involve that we have horns and sacrifice goats in the temple. What's even more humorous is that people actually believe it. Ok, well maybe it's actually sad, but one has to look on the sunny side and laugh, right? Well anyways, in case anyone who happens to stumble across this simple blog, the answer is no, we don't have horns nor do we do ANY animal sacrifices in the temple. They're done at home. JUST KIDDING!

In all seriousness we are Christians, meaning we believe in Jesus Christ, that He is our savior and redeemer and that it is only in and through His atoning sacrifice that we may be saved (not Joseph Smith--another misconception). When I was a missionary it always made me chuckle when people of other faiths tried to tell me what I believed in. That's where I discovered many false ideas of what people think we believe. Ok, now I'm just rambling.

Well, for those of you who are curious as to what members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (what the church is really called) believe, I have included some links on the side browser for your enjoyment. I highly recommend them for whether your curious about our beliefs or are just looking for answers to questions about life. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has brought me more comfort and guidance than anything else I've come across in life. So I invite you all to check it out. The worst that could happen is that you lost a few minutes of your day, but I doubt even that would happen. If anyone ever has any questions about our faith or just a religious question in general feel free to post it as a comment and we would love to answer it to the best of our ability or guide you to sources that might help.

I want to testify of my savior Jesus Christ. He truly did live and set a perfect example for us of how we should live. He suffered for our sins, our pains and sorrows, and even suffered death. But more importantly, I testify that He overcame all these things that we too may overcome them through His grace and mercy. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was restored in its fullness upon the earth in these the latter days, and that any sincere seeker may come to know for himself whether these things are true. I invite you all to seek, that you may know. And I can promise you a greater peace than you have ever known will come into your life, I know this because I have experienced it. So just give it a chance and let me know what happens.