Friday, August 8, 2008

Pigtails and Pianos

So i'm trying to do better about keeping up with this, but Emma is running around like crazy (literally) and keeping me on my toes. So we've had a fun week and i wish i had taken more pics. We got to hang out with both sides of the family and had a lot of fun doing it.

Warning: The pics are in reverse order. I wasn't paying attention till the last photo. Oh well...

Playing a duet with Grandma

The next Mozart! Emma and i went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Newbold and family for a few days this week. Emma discovered her new love, pianos!

squinty smile!

So i came down with some flu bug friday night and was out of commission for the weekend. Luckily Brad comes home friday nights and was able to watch Emma while i recovered. Well after bath one night Brad was in the kitchen cleaning up after bath time and i was out resting on the couch and all of a sudden Brad's like, " Emma NO NO NO!" (that's usually my line) and comes running out of the kitchen. Emma had opened her tub of eczema lotion and was eating it. Luckily i thought quick enough to take a pic before he cleaned her up.

We got to hang out with Enola and Jett last friday cause Don and April went on a motorcycle trip. A funny little incident happened while we were there, as many of you may know, Emma is in love with dogs no matter what their size is. Well, i had to go to the bathroom and asked Enola if she could keep an eye on Emma for me. Well i come out and Emma is no where to be seen (she's a quick little monkey, even more so now that she's walking). I run to the bottom of the stairs with Enola and she's already climbing on up. When i grab her i notice she's got something in her mouth, as i scoop it out what should i find? Dog food. Yep, she loves dogs so much she's trying to become one. What i don't get is she won't eat any food i offer her, but she'll eat dog food. Yuck!

My first shot at pigtails. I just laughed and laughed! She looks like a little martian, it was cute though!