Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a weeks worth of uploading pics little by little...phew!

ok sooooooo i don't know that i'm really gonna comment on the photos cause there's just too much to do but, we've been having fun. Next blog i'll post some videos. All in all we're doing good and enjoying seattle. we love you all and feel so blessed to have so many wonderful family members and friends!

Jude vs. The Stroller

k you need to blow this one up. I accidentally shot this with the dog in the background...resembles emma. k maybe i'm a nerd and just think it's funny

what happens when daddy comes home...my babies turn into potatoes;)

7 mos

niagra falls

For those who have not heard the story from my mom, we went to palmyra and the visitor center. The sister missionaries asked emma who this statue was and emma smiled and said, "Jesus." They then asked her who Jesus was and again emma smiled and confidentially replied, "My husband." Yeah no idea where that one came from.

Joseph Smith home (did you know back then babies bottles, including the nipple, were made of lead! Scary)


Erie Zoo

Musical chime thing kids jump on to make music

the saddest gorilla i've ever seen


for grandma;)


gee em what's in your mouth?