Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Getting around to it...

Sorry it's taken a bit, illness hit our home once again and emma and i were out of commission more or less and Brad was no where to be found while finishing his thesis...which he passed:). So here's a blip of what's been going on.

Playing in momma's boots

Little kodak moment i caught while i was getting bath time ready. Emma loves to read my old parenting magazines cause it's full of pictures of baby's.

This is why i hadn't updated...

Chillaxin before church.

7 mos preggers

So to commemorate summer Brad's doing the buzzed look again. Although he tried to seduce me with the bozo the clown perv almost worked...those sexy pouty lips...

Cheese! BFF

So the following videos are from a ways back. Emma decided to bust out a performance when Grandpa and Melissa stopped by. Hope it doesn't make you too dizzy, but grandma has been demanding in her needs of pics and video. Hope this satisfies you for the time being;)