Sunday, November 7, 2010


So our internet is slow so i'll have to try and post video and other earlier pics later. But i figured i'd post these before my mother and sister start calling me names...yeah that's right i said it! (i love you girls;)
Happy (belated) Halloween!

Note how in every single picture jude has food. gotta love it

wish i'd taken more pics of emma, but i figured i'd take them at the ward activity, then last minute she decided she didn't want to be sleeping beauty but a dragon because her BF cody was a dinosaur.

Nacho Libre if you couldn't guess. i had to make the tights and cape which were more of a pain then i ever imagined, but it was worth it. He was a hit:)

Not your Mummy's meat loaf. i got this idea from a friend of mine who has a fabulous food blog, check her out here

Jude's first haircut

like father like son;)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mas fotos

Maybe someday i'll go back and add captions, but for now this will have to do:)

to fully appreciate the beauty of the patterns on the trees you need to blow up the picture it was truly breathtaking!

Monday, October 11, 2010


So i'm posting these real quick before i get in any more trouble and be accused of being "too lazy" i'll post more later. Real quick, this morning Emma said a prayer for breakfast and it was really sweet:
"Dear Heavenly Father, please bless judes broken collar bone that it will get better. Please bless mommy that she will have energy and more muscles. Bless the missiomaries that they'll have the spirit. in the name of jesus christ, AMEN!"

i thought it was pretty cute

these 2 pics of jude took the course of a few min

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're baaaAAaaaAaAaAaAckkkkkkk-iiiiiiiishhhhhhhhhhhh ;) Ok so in my defense people, our computer died, we moved back to pullman than took off for utah shortly thereafter and then when we got back we moved again and school started. Something like's funny cause i'm not really on the computer that much but when you are without it you realize how much you depend upon it. I've missed you all. Brad just barely got our new computer up and running and it's a little after 10pm so i thought i'd post just to let you know i'll post pics as soon as i can figure out the computer.

We're all doing good besides a bit of sickness as of the moment. Brad's plugging on through school, but enjoying it. He was also recently called to be a gospel doctrine teacher (his secretly coveted calling...well not anymore i guess;) He's a great teacher and i love his deep and insightful knowledge of the gospel. He's amazing! Emma's the spitfire she's always been. We love that little girl, and we've started to work with her on french and spanish vocab and are impressed with her ability to pronounce the various words. She cracks us up with all the little things she says and does and tries our patience with her determined independence and strong opinions. She's a great help to me though and has become somewhat of a little mommy to Jude. They really are pals. Jude is a riot and i often hear people saying, "i want a jude!" Sorry suckers, he's MINE! Bwahahahaha! He really is a good baby and has such an easy going, always happy, loving nature. He's quite adventurous and has began picking up signs and select words pretty quickly. At his last check up he was in the 99th percentile for height. I can't wait to post pics so you can see more of this little man's BIG personality. As for me i'm kept pretty busy with the kids, my relief society calling and training for my half marathon in moscow next saturday. Ever since Aunt Sydney started doing marathons it inspired me and i decided one of my life goals would be to do one. (thanks Syd!) I'm hoping to do it in under 2 hours but i've been averaging 9:24 min miles for my long runs which i'm happy with too. we'll see.

Well that's a quick update for yall. All in all we're happy healthy and feeling SOOOOOO incredibly blessed with amazing friends and family and everything in between. We hope you are all doing equally well and apologize about our lack of keeping in touch. We may not be the greatest but we think and pray for you all daily. Hugs and kisses all around and pics and video to come soon!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a weeks worth of uploading pics little by little...phew!

ok sooooooo i don't know that i'm really gonna comment on the photos cause there's just too much to do but, we've been having fun. Next blog i'll post some videos. All in all we're doing good and enjoying seattle. we love you all and feel so blessed to have so many wonderful family members and friends!

Jude vs. The Stroller

k you need to blow this one up. I accidentally shot this with the dog in the background...resembles emma. k maybe i'm a nerd and just think it's funny

what happens when daddy comes babies turn into potatoes;)

7 mos

niagra falls

For those who have not heard the story from my mom, we went to palmyra and the visitor center. The sister missionaries asked emma who this statue was and emma smiled and said, "Jesus." They then asked her who Jesus was and again emma smiled and confidentially replied, "My husband." Yeah no idea where that one came from.

Joseph Smith home (did you know back then babies bottles, including the nipple, were made of lead! Scary)


Erie Zoo

Musical chime thing kids jump on to make music

the saddest gorilla i've ever seen


for grandma;)


gee em what's in your mouth?