Monday, December 17, 2007

And we have video!

So these are videos Katie took with her camera at thanksgiving, and i just now figured out how to add them to our blog. They're not spectacular, but i'm sure grandma and grandpa ashley will appreciate them. We'll try and get some better ones with her talking and smiling at christmas.

This one is a great example of how she is taking after her father;). I had just finished changing her and was washing my hands while Katie took this video. Emma's captivated by the television and can't be bothered with anything else.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

good times with our chunky monkey

Catching up on lost sleep with mommy

We'd just gotten home from a weekend of hanging out with the Risser's for Aimee's wedding and while i got the bath ready for emma, she hung out with daddy.

Hangin out with aunt syd. I think syd said she looked like a "curly cue?" doll that my mom had when she was little. You'll have to let me know if i got that right syd.

She's so cute!

Doesn't she look like a baby orangatang with that crazy hair? So funny

She often does this when I change her. She'll suck her thumb and then grab her hair.

i love the face she's making. We want to show how she grows in comparison to a stuffed animal. This is maybe a week after two months.


Emma likes to be held this way 98% of the time. Ever since she was born she wanted to see everything. Here she was getting sleepy.

Hanging out while daddy works

She's just like her father. It's so funny watching them watch tv...usually ESPN

Learning to smile on command

For old times sake. I don't have many pregnancy pictures cause...well i just don't. I took this one for my mom but i don't know if she ever saw it.

Thanks to Jenni for this photo! This was the night of Aimee's bridal shower and enola is holding emma and aaron (jenni's baby..soooo cute). Well, this picture was taken right after emma had an exploding diaper and pooped all over aimee. Earlier that day she pooped on rheanna and after i got home from the shower, pooped on Brad. The fun never ends;)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Growing up so fast!

Brad and emma after the photo

Newbold family photo from left to right: Me and Emma, Brad, Mom, Nate, Nick, Dad, and Katie

Playing with emma

Yay! They're changing my diaper!

You can't see, but emma's actually watching TV while Brad is changing her diaper.

So we're getting ready to leave for Grandma's to have thanksgiving dinner and she's in her car seat while i finished getting ready when someone hears emma pooping. So i run out to pick her up (knowing too well that she has a tendancy to blow out the back) and as i pick her up i find i'm too late. So needless to say we were late...oh emma. Also right before this she had peed all over herself while daddy changed her diaper. Good times!
And so the thumb sucking saga begins!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Who does Emma look like?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Emma's Blessing

So here's our little emma. She's about a month in these pictures. These first two are with her grandma newbold (brad's mom). Sorry i don't really have any with my mom, but as most of you know, she's not one to easily let her picture be taken. We ended up having the blessing at Brad's parents house instead of at church cause it was General Conference weekend and that was the only weekend my Dad could come out. It was nice. We kept Emma asleep as long as we could so she wouldn't cry through the blessing. Katie held her in her room asleep til all the family got there. I didn't even risk changing her into her blessing dress (which had been my dress as a baby) til after she was blessed cause i didn't want to risk waking her. Besides they only get dressed up for pictures afterwards;)
Here she is with her proud papa trying to figure out what the heck is going on. He always has fun showing her off.

Yeah, I'm taking after my mother and not liking being in pictures so much but i love this one cause emma has a smirk on her face.

From left to right my brother Jacob, my dad John, Brad & Emma, Brad's dad Bruce and Emma's Great Grandpa Newbold. They all participated in the blessing.

i love this chubby monkey!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Catching Up

So this is how our little one began. This was from my 20 week ultrasound. The first pic on the left is her freaky alien skull photo that always makes me laugh. In the one on the right you can see her little hand; bottom left is a shot looking down on her legs; and bottom right is a profile. It was kind of funny because the doctor was getting frustrated 'cause emma was moving so much that it made it difficult for the doctor to check the baby like she needed to.

Here's one of the first pictures of her right after she was born on Sunday Sept. 9th at 1:08 pm. I'd been having contractions almost all day saturday and was trying to keep myself busy so i would kick myself into labor. By 10pm they were getting a little more intense, and by 11 we finally decided to clock them. Then at 11:30 during a particularly uncomfortable contraction i went to get up (since i was laying down) and felt a pop. As soon as i got up, i found my water broke, so off we went to orem community hospital.

When we got there, no one was at the front desk, so as i'm trying to breath through some incredibly painful contractions, brad run's out to see if he can find someone. Meanwhile i yell through the glass window to see if anyone would hear me. Finally a nurse came and buzzed us in. She got me ready with iv's and what-not and called for the anesthesiologist. When he finally got there around 1 or 2 am it was this big bear of a granpa looking man in a plaid shirt, jeans, and slippers. Apparently he was on call. He was such a sweet gentle giant who talked me through it all.

By that time Rheanna had gotten there and even though she was pretty vocal about not wanting to see the delivery, she sat to watch me get my epidural (which for those of you who don't know, involves a big needle getting stuck in between vertebrae in your lower back). She covered her face with her hands but peeked through her fingers. The man had to do it a couple of times becuase the needle wasn't taking. Suprisingly it wasn't that bad, it felt really weird, but not very painful. Oh, so your supposed to hold really still, but as soon as my water broke, my body began shaking tons so that made me a bit nervous while i was getting the epidural, but all went well. (Katie, i'm sorry for all the gramatical errors, want to be my editor? ;) )

So then after that was taken care of, mom newbold got to the hospital and we all got cozy (well as cozy as you can get in a hospital) for the night. I didn't really sleep at all, i just laid there trying not to shake, or throw up. Yes folks, i had morning sickness to the end, not to mention i was just getting over a very nasty cold. So by 6 am i had only progressed to 5cm and the new nurse Debbi (who would become a favorite of ours) began the pitocin to see if they could get the ball rolling. After a couple of hours i still hadn't progressed as much as they had wanted and uped my dosage more and began talking about a c-section if i didn't progress within the next couple of hours. And that's when i seriously began to pray. I was so scared, but sure enough my contractions picked up and began to be regular and i progressed and thanked God every time a contraction came (mind you i couldn't feel them...oh sweet sweet epidural, how i love you so!).

So the nurse went to call my doctor who had gone to church after he had last checked me. When she came back she had brad grab a leg told my brother jacob to get out of the room (he didn't protest) and while she grabbed the other i began pushing. Who knew holding one's breath could take so much energy! Well i of course wanted to see everything, so while nurse Debbi went to find a mirror for me, she told Rheanna to get up, grab a leg and help me much for not seeing my delivery. ;) Within 30 min of pushing, our little Emma arrived. It was amazing! Seriously, labor and delivery was probably the easiest part of my pregnancy.

While everyone gathered around little emma while the doctors cleaned her up i lay half awake with a fever in bed. I finally felt like i could rest. i've never been so tired in my life. The rest of that day is a bit of a blur.

Although i don't really care for this picture to be revealed to the world, me looking so sexy and all, i figure i'll make the sacrifice. This was the next day. I think Eddie might have taken this one. As you might notice, she's a bit yellow with jaundice. Rheanna has pictures of that on her camera that i'll try and get. They're pretty funny. We had to keep her under lights in a machine that looked like a tanning bed for babies.

This was taken right after her first bath. Such a proud papa. It's funny 'cause after Emma was born, almost everyone forgot about me. (That was to be expected.) Plus, i was pretty out of it anyways. Anywho, everyone left the room to go watch Emma get her first bath (which i expected and was ok with), and the nurse had taken off the machine that monitored my blood pressure which caused an alarm to go off. I laid there trying to sleep expecting someone to take note of the alarm for like 10-15 min. Needless to say i got little rest, and when i finally called for a nurse, no more than a minute or two passed by when brad came back with the
baby. Asi es!

Sorry if this is all funky. Again i'm learning how to do this little by little. Plus i have to write this in like 1 or 2 min intervals, or if i'm lucky and emma naps without me holding her, 10-30 min. I think i started writing this blog at 2 or 3 pm and it's now 9. All in a days work. ;) I really do love being a mom...i now understand why we celebrate mothers's really deserve it, thanks mom for all you've done, you're truly one of a kind! I'll try doing a blog on Emma's blessing tomorrow.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Emma Hangin out

We had fun visiting with james and marlene at their farewell. I'm finally learning how to use this

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


So, we'll see how well this goes. Hopefully I'll keep it up to date so all can see what's going on regardless as to how bad I am at keeping in touch. Love you all!