Monday, October 26, 2009


so apparently emma is slightly afraid of flying kites, but her friend Codi has no problem with it. fun was then had by all.

tummy time

YAY!!! Becky was great enough to do my first 5k with me in years. thanks becky!! It felt so good to be running again : )

...yeah... the hills sucked... but becky is like super woman and didn't break a sweat ; P

and we finish : )

Jude did a great job during the run... and he and emma both won pumpkins for their troubles.

When emma saw me uploading these she pointed at jude and said, "Christmas!" need i say more?

yeah, we're back to potty training again. I'm working myself up to this hardcore potty training in 3 days routine... not really looking forward to it...

They play so well together ; )

he looks like grandpa ashley in this one.

wrestling... emma always wins

Jude 3 mos

So Becky was so kind as to teach me how to make bread (which was SUPER yummy--let's hope i can replicate it again) and she held a fussy jude for me for a couple of min and he totally passed out. i thought it was pretty funny

there's a park here where there's a little farm next to it with sheep, goats, pigs, and llamas. There's a video of emma feeding the llama at the end. The pig's grunts kind of freaked her out.

Emma insisted on wearing a halloween shirt that was meant for jude

I was making lunch one day when i came out to find emma sitting on her couch "reading" her Gideons bible that was so kindly given to us. i thought it was pretty cute. The other night Brad told emma she could only choose one book to read since it was past her bedtime. after looking over her books she chose the Gideons bible. Brad laughed and could only reply, "Touche."

So Old Navy's halloween costumes went on sale for super cheap and so i got a couple for the kids. Well, this is supposed to be jude's (size 0-6mos) but emma insisted on trying it on. pretty funny, no?

WSU has a falconry club and they hosted a "raptor safari" this past saturday. We got to see a lot of BEAUTIFUL birds up close and emma loved it. I forgot to take picks till the end when emma was getting tired. so i didn't get the best pics.

some fun chatter with jude with a guest appearance by emma

Soooooooooo it's true what they say about how kids imitate what they see...there's been a lot of angels baseball going on in our house.

my little couch potatoes

emma meets the llama