Sunday, November 7, 2010


So our internet is slow so i'll have to try and post video and other earlier pics later. But i figured i'd post these before my mother and sister start calling me names...yeah that's right i said it! (i love you girls;)
Happy (belated) Halloween!

Note how in every single picture jude has food. gotta love it

wish i'd taken more pics of emma, but i figured i'd take them at the ward activity, then last minute she decided she didn't want to be sleeping beauty but a dragon because her BF cody was a dinosaur.

Nacho Libre if you couldn't guess. i had to make the tights and cape which were more of a pain then i ever imagined, but it was worth it. He was a hit:)

Not your Mummy's meat loaf. i got this idea from a friend of mine who has a fabulous food blog, check her out here

Jude's first haircut

like father like son;)