Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Growing up FAST

Sorry folks that it's been forever since we've posted. As always life has been a bit crazy. First we moved and that in and of itself is crazy, but add a baby and a new apartment that wasn't really clean and had plumbing (our tub drain was clogged and the plumber said he found what looked like underwear down it as well as things i didn't want to know about...) and internet problems and that makes life all the more fun and interesting. SO we're still getting settled in and only just got the internet issues semi resolved. Then we had Rheanna's wedding and Brad off on another dig and playing lots with a new friend in our new neighborhood and then once emma's down for the night i try (when i can) to get more things cleaned and organized in our new place. It's a slow process. Anywho, now you'll understand why there's so many pics to post.

SO this is the morning of the 4th of July. Emma and i went to a parade and she loved the horse's and then when we got home decided to have a party with the Kleenex box.

Then we went to Don and April's for a BBQ and birthday fun. Enola is a great help and loves playing with Emma

I don't know if this cat is Gretta or crackhead, but she's such a sweet cat and wasn't even bothered by Emma

April at work. These onions were SO good!! She sauteed them in a little balsamic vinegar and we get snacking on them so there wasn't a ton when the burgers were actually done. yummy!

Emma and her now ex-boyfriend...she took it better than i thought she would;)

Don hard at work

I LOVE THIS PIC! Brad was a good sport and played ball with Jett. I made him get close to Jett so i could take the picture close you can tell he wasn't too keen on the idea.

Playing with aunt Rhea

Attacking yet another innocent child.

The kids and co. throwing fireworks at Jacob's bum

Rheanna's BEAUTIFUL birthday cake for me, sara, and America. It was SOOO yummy!

Helping dad get ready for the big moving day!

I had been cleaning the old apartment and then brought some more stuff back and it was near Emma's nap time. I didn't want her getting in to things so i put her in her jumper while i put things away and she fell asleep jumping. I have a great video of it on the video camera but alas i don't know how to put it on the computer.

So randomly one morning (i think cause it was a new environment) Emma wakes up at 5:30am with no intention of going back to sleep so i half awake drag myself out of bed and end up nursing her for 45 min to get her to go back to sleep and then pulled her into bed with me so as to not wake her up.

KIMMIE WAS HERE!!! Kim is one of my best friends and she had lincoln a couple months after i had emma. They were out visiting and she cut my hair for me. I LOVE IT!!!! And i love kim (Wish you were closer!!!)

We celebrated Rhea's birthday and because i didn't have and b-day candles kim and i thought it would be funny to use one of my big candles.

Somehow Emma got her head stuck in the strap of the diaper bag. Brad and i were cracking up but she was none too pleased.

Finally the day of Rhea's and Doug's wedding arrived. What my friends doesn't belong in the picture above?...CHRIS!!! He's up top farthest to the left in case you missed it. He thought it would be funny to jump in a picture of another family who was getting married that day. You'll go down in history Chris.

The BEAUTIFUL couple! They really are perfect together.

Ben, Leigh and Tristan were able to come down for the wedding. I FINALLY got to meet my first nephew!! Isn't he beautiful?! It was so good to seen Ben and Leigh, WE MISS YOU GUYS!!!

Playing in the tree's with dada

Group photo!

Didn't have time to bathe Emma so i threw her in the shower for the first time with Brad. Don't you love his farmers tan from his digs...i wonder if he'll be bothered that i'm posting this...

Emma LOVES the camera

First encounter with a sheep

Happy 10 Months Emmers!

So Dee and her little boy Joshua are our new buddies. Dee is Katie's (Brad's sister) best friend and we just happen to live down the street from each other now (coincidence? i think not). Joshua was born like 3 days earlier then Emma so we have fun playing just about every day now. So we decided to take the kids to Botany Pond to see the new baby ducks on Pioneer Day. Aunt Katie came down later and we went to a little festival and then went swimming. I meant to get pics but forgot:( it was Emma's first time in a big swimming pool too!

Babies and momma duck

Josh and Emma at times were more interested in breakfast then the ducks we came to see. It was so funny cause at times the ducks would get to close for our liking to our babies, and so Dee would chase them. It was awesome, if i was quicker i would have gotten it on video

So i don't know what it is but emma is so aggressive with other babies. Poor josh is a tough guy and doesn't really complain but emma is always tackling him!

It was funny because Emma's walking but Josh is still learning so Emma gets frustrated (as you can see in her face) and she would strain and try pulling him up to stand it was SO funny! I'll try posting a video of it later.

Emma is obsessed with computers. Dad was trying to get stuff done on his laptop but Emma gave him no rest.

Try as she may she never did get the computer, Grandpa is just too quick

So this had been a particularly rough day and i was in the kitchen trying to clean up stuff before bath time and feeling a bit down about things. Normally Emma would be yelling at me behind the child gate to come pick her up, but i was so caught up in my thoughts i didn't notice till i saw something run past the door out of the corner of my eye. When i walked over to investigate this is what i saw. I quickly grabbed the camera and started recording my little monkey. Needless to say, it helped end the day on a good note. One reason i'm grateful to be a mom;)