Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Silly Video for your enjoyment

So this was on our way home from Grandma and Grandpa's and i found it amusing. Even more so is journey in the back. That was ALL Brad...

yeah i don't know what she was doing other than being silly. She was watching her "Baby Signing Time" video at the time.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Party Party!

So we went up to Brad's parents the other weekend to celebrate Brad and emma's birthday and had a good time, we only wish we could be closer for more frequent visits!

Watching the BYU football game as a family

Opening presents! Thanks Carol for the Care Bear!

LOVING the forward facing car seat!!!

My simple cake. It had a fruit roll-up tongue that i applied right before it's destruction.

Yeah so i was a little disappointed, i thought for sure Emma would tear right into the cake, but she was so excited i don't think she knew what to do. So i had to help her.

Emma always wants to share her food with anyone nearby!

So my best friend Melissa has a whacky sense of humor. She was visiting us one day and decided she wanted to make Emma look like the prophet Joseph Smith, now that her hair is long enough. Blow up the pic of her for greater detail and be the judge.

i share a closet with Emma, and one day when i was hanging clothes up i left the room and came back to this.

First time going alone on the big slide. She's such a dare devil. I think it was more of a rush for her than fun. Does that make sense? Like she'd get really animated and want to do it, but she wasn't smiling. She's crazy, and practically fearless.

We decided to get emma her own chair for her birthday. It was A LOT more expensive than i thought it was going to be but it has proved to be a great investment and she LOVES it.

playing in the toy box!

This is our new friend Steven! He's the eldest son of my Visiting Teaching companion. He's the sweetest person i think i know. He's probably in his late 50's and is mentally handicapped. He LOVES children and likes to come see Emma. The other day i had just got Emma down for her nap when i hear what sounded (almost but not quite) like a motorcycle pull up in our driveway. I thought that was odd since i knew that our neighbors didn't have one. A few seconds later there was a knock on our door and there stood steven with a huge grin on his face and told me he'd brought his tractor by to show Emma. I told him Emma was asleep but that i would love to see it, so he sat and talked with me showing me all the neat things on his tractor until Emma woke up and then he proceeded to show her. It was so sweet.

So brad thought it would be funny to clip my phone on to Emma's back and call it with his. It was on vibrate so when she squeals that's what's happening. Fun was had by all.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMERS! I can hardly believe it's been a year! We love this little monkey so much and wouldn't trade her for anything! She is such a joy to have around and LOVES making new friends. She enjoys reading, eating green beans, being outside, chasing dogs, being chased, making messes, giving hugs and never stays in one spot for very long. She's proved to be quite a smart little booger and is quite determined and stubborn. She is so fun to be with and we love her SOOOO much! WE LOVE YOU EMMA!!!!

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Augustus Gloop

Apologies once again for the neglect. We had some more technical difficulties with the internet, visits from family, really good books from the library, and then some lame excuses about not having time. All in all it's been quite a busy and fun summer, and I'm sad to see it coming to a close... except for the fact that I finally have my husband back for more than just the weekends. I know there's a lot of photos, but that's what blogs are for, right?

So these first three photos somehow got lost and should have been put in during a July blog entry before Rhea's wedding. Anywho, my best friend Kimmie was out visiting her mom and dad who are serving a mission up in Salt Lake, and so we finally got to meet her beautiful little boy Lincoln who's a couple months younger than Emma. It was so much fun getting to play together. We miss you guys and wish you'd move out here already! ;)

Baby kisses!

Beating yet another child into submission...


Happy 11 months Emmers! She now likes to carry this stuffed animal (it's a dog) around with her wherever she goes.

I seriously only had my back turned for 2 seconds

So my mom came to visit for a week on her way out to CA and brought her dog Sammy with her for the trip. Emma was in heaven having Sammy around. If any of you haven't caught on by now, Emma LOVES dogs no matter their size and has NO fear of them. Although Sammy hasn't really been around babies, she did GREAT with Emma and put up with all her poking and proding and squealing. It was funny 'cause Sammy would quite willingly go behind the child gates to escape the Emma-nator.

Teaching the dog her place in the house. Note the look of submission and a broken spirit in Sammy's eyes.

Giving Sammy a rub down before the long trip to CA

Smile for the camera Sammy!

I know this is terrible but i can't help but laugh EVERY time I see this picture. I know, I know, I'm a terrible mother. Oh well. She really was only throwing a tantrum cause she wanted the camera so this is really only a fake cry, but I captured the moment beautifully don't you think?

This is Rheanna's old roomate Lawanna who is amazing with Emma! We went to visit with her and were reminded of how much we love and miss her!

Playing with Lawanna's bean bag!

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather! Winter's gonna be here soon, so I'm trying to be out and about as much as possible with her before the hibernation begins.

Brad was trying to fix Emma's closet door and Emma decided she wanted to help and so she climbed up the ladder.

Trying to be like Daddy. Now that we live so close to Brad's work we usually walk him to and from work. Emma loves going to Brad's office cause he'll let her play on his computer. However when it's time to go the screaming and tantrums begin, and the building is so old it just echo's like an old cathedral and everyone feels the wrath of Emma.

She was hugging him real tight before she saw the camera. She's quite the cuddler

So I love this photo cause Emma will do this ALL the time, especially if she's up to no good. She'll look at you through the corner of her eye or even straight on and walk to wherever she's not supposed to be going or whatever she's not supposed to be doing.

So this wiffle ball appeared out of nowhere one day on our lawn, and Emma has become quite fond of it. Brad and I were trying to teach her how to throw it, and she was laughing until Brad pulled out the camera, then she threw a tantrum 'cause she only wanted the camera. It's getting harder to take fun candid pics of her.

I FINALLY got my date night... like for real date night since... I don't even know when... maybe even pre-Emma. Needless to say I was pretty excited all week long. We ended up hiking the "Y" and then ate some french cheeses and baguettes and drank cranberry juice. It was fun to get out although it REALLY made me realize how out of shape I am.