Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Playing major catch up...

K, i know it's been awhile and Jude is almost 2 mos, but please cut me some slack, we've been just a tad bit busy the past few months. Some have been asking for the delivery story, so i'm gonna try and be quick 'cause i need to get to bed.

So I was supposed to wait for a call from the hospital who would call me between 6:30 and 9 am. My Dr. said if they hadn't called me by 9 to give the hospital a call. So time keeps ticking and we decided to go for a walk, and while on the walk 9 comes and goes, so at 9:30 i call the hospital and they say they're super busy so just go eat something and they'll call me sometime that day. So slightly disappointed we decide to take emma to the park. MAYBE 5 minutes had gone by when my phone starts ringing. It's the hospital and they're ready for me. So we drop emma off at Dee's and head to the hospital. By 11:17 i'm finally hooked up to the pitocin, and the contractions start (the not painful kind). Oh and i was already dilated to about a 3.5 and 80% effaced when i got there. So an hour passes, and i'm like a 4 and the nurse says my dr's gonna come soon to break my water. SOOOO i decide since the contractions are getting stronger i'd get the epidural before they broke my water. Even though i knew what it was like getting an epidural i was still scared for some reason. And of course right before they get there to give me it, brad had to go home to put emma down for a nap. But it all went well and the epidural was AWESOME. So by like 2 they come to check me, and i'm at a 9 and ready to have a baby!!! i was in shock. i thought they were joking. I'd totally planned on it taking awhile to pop the sucker out. The whole time i'm in labor i was texting family play-by-plays, all chipper and happy. And then in 3 or so pushes (less than a minute) he was out. I think the first thing i said to the Dr was, "Did i seriously just have a baby?" i can't believe how night-and-day this labor and delivery was from emma's. I really felt so blessed because i'd been praying that the Lord would help me out because i had SO much to do after Jude was born. The Lord has truly been mindful of our family in blessing me with such a speedy recovery so i could get things ready for this move.

That being said, we are now in Pullman, WA home of the annual Lentil Festival (which we sadly missed...no really, we were bummed we missed it). It really is beautiful here, and we're gradually getting settled in. There are lots of little kids in our complex and it was seriously 2 weeks before we saw any other white kid. Emma's made friends with kids from Egypt, Pakistan, Lybia, Japan, Africa (we're not sure which country yet) and have no doubt she'll meet other cultures. it really is going to be an amazing and cultural experience living here. We miss our family dearly, but we're excited to see what the future holds. We're still trying to get settled but i thought i'd take a quick break and give an update. We love you all and want to thank you for all you've done to support our family. we truly feel richly blessed with the amazing family and friends we have!

This was in June, so i was 8 mos right?

Rheanna wanted to take some pics of Emma and Elliott so she could make a present for father's day. Emma just loves elliott so much she just wants to SQUEEZE him all the time :)

Emma taking advantage of her soon to be little bro's bassinet...except she thinks the undercarriage is the bed...hey, could this work as a bunk bed dealio? cause that would save me A LOT of money...

Heading up to see uncle daniel who just got back from his mission to spain in june. i was still pregnant with emma when he left so we were really excited to see him!

On a family vacation with the Newbold's in the mountains. Emma wanted to go swimming in the pond, but it was cold and rainingish, and i don't think she could have even if it wasn't.

Happy Fourth of July! Posing with Grandma

Excited and anxious to get the show on the road

What daddy did while waiting. (We'd gone almost a full year without tv.)

I'm pretty sure this was taken right after i had Jude, but this is pretty much how i was the whole time. It was AWESOME

Jude getting his tags

Just after his hospital sponge bath

"You, me, staring contest, NOW.....you win...you always do..."

Emma gives being a big sister a thumbs up!

Passed out eating for the first time. See video at end of blog

Jude's first bath. My child fake-bakes

Shout out to dee's mom! Thanks for the pj's :) And look it's ALL matching! ;)

My little man is already trying to pretend he's a super hero

Emma is obsessed with putting on everyone's shoes now and even sometimes insists on wearing some of my clothes. She's actually scary good at walking in heels, and she's not even 2!

One of our last outings with Josh :( We miss you guys!!!!

These next few photos are just little candid moments i was able to catch after Jude's blessing. This one is with grandpa and great grandpa Newbold

great grandma and grandpa Newbold

Great grandpa Newbold

Aren't they cute?

everyone who helped with the blessing :)

The grand-daddy's

The fam

Smiling with a proud papa

fish face kisses :)

Great grandma Newbold

Singing and jamming on Rock Band

we were all busy unpacking while emma watched tv and i found she'd passed out. Poor kid was so tired from lack of sleep during the move

Saying good bye to grandma and grandpa ashley who were absolutely AMAZING in helping us pack, clean, and move. i KNOW we couldn't have done it without them. We love you mom and dad! thanks for everything!!!

Emma playing indiana jones... if indiana jones wore hot pink ghetto shoes

this was a week after jude had come home and emma was having the time of her life playing with aunt katie that morning. Mind you emma rarely falls asleep anywhere other than her crib, so i was SUPER excited when i noticed she was doing the head bob at lunch.

So this is emma singing along to a song her uncle daniel gave her. i thought he might be proud ;)