Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sleepless in really...

We made it in a mad dash to seattle, and we're enjoying it, but we miss our pullman friends :( Poor Jude and emma haven't been sleeping well lately, and once jude got sick this past week, we REALLY haven't been sleeping well. As soon as he's better, we're hoping to turn things around. I'm rambling. well, here's me playing catch up once again. hope you enjoy... sorry so late

Emma pushed jude over and squeezed in beside him so they could play together...or maybe cause she wanted to play on the mat during jude's of those two

who wouldn't want to sit down and have a drink with this guy

"this is for all my lady friends out there, check out this keg!"

so emma and daddy decided to play with my knitting divider rings. When we asked emma what she thought she said, "I'm a lady!" i wonder what that made brad...

Kodak moment

4 mos

one of the first snows and so emma and daddy played out on the deck

daddy went to wake jude up...

First try of solids...

He took a while to warm up but now he's an eating machine : )


breaking in emma's toy stroller...see video at end...hmmm wonder how jude feels about this whole thing

Jude watching the first presidency's christmas message

Playing with daddy's snow gloves



my lil pups watching the snow

5 mos

playing dress up

Don't make me finish my cookie, mommy, i'm so tired.

daddy having fun

i think emma likes the UW huskies

Emma helping make chocolate covered pretzles for FHE...i think she enjoyed herself

no chapstick is safe in our house...sigh...

hee hee hee

so we were trying to take jude's 6 mos photo and emma insisted on joining in...gotta love the face

So we decided to go explore and find the Seattle temple and they had a beautiful forested area with paths by it and so we took a stroll. Emma had fun finding all the blackberries, and plants, and mud, and mushrooms, and...

ahhhhh i love my kids

Trying to train emma to wear footed pajama's

So i was getting the kids ready for bed before brad got home and this is what happened. emma started doing this all on her own so i ran and grabbed the camera

So as i've said before, Emma LOVES listening to the Ting Tings. So we went to spokane a while back and picked up this toy microphone for $1 at target and emma rocked out in the car

When we left Provo, Josh gave emma this stroller as a gift, well josh, it's being put to good use : )

This one's for aunt Rhea ; )

As noted before, emma loves the ting tings. Well one night to try and distract the kids while i got dinner ready, we turned music on and danced (well, jude jumped) and then every night or meal time thereafter emma has asked for the ting tings and dancing. EVERYONE has to dance or feel the wrath of the emma-nator. Good, good times.