Thursday, May 19, 2011

I love my babies...most of the time ;)

Easter. He was really cute and i made him a bow tie to match emma's skirt but he threw up on it at church and i was forced to change him : (

Couldn't keep her still

"We are friends!"

ok so for my side of the family is this not a jacob smile or what?! She does it all the time!

in love with baby mckay.

Gma and Gpa Ashley and cousins

Gma and Gpa Newbold

Discovering the bassinet

Saying goodbye to her best friend Cody who sadly moved this month. I don't know what she's going to do without him. And i sure do miss his mama ; )

so the kids are growing crazy fast. I can hardly believe that Emma was Jude's age when he was born. I love these two crazy kids, and i love how much they truly love each other. Emma is still her sassy i've got an opinion and you will hear it self. But she is a huge helper to me and so smart. She's been doing preschool for a couple hours two days a week and has absolutely loved it. She cracks us up with some of the crazy things she says and some of her come backs. She loves dinosaurs, dragons, snakes, lizards, horses and wrestling, but can play princess for hours on ends if you'll oblige her. We really feel blessed to have such a strong headed little girl in our home.
Jude is our therapy puppy. He's usually all smiles and love. He too cracks us up with all the crazy things he does. He loves to laugh and dance. He loves cars and motorcycles and when we let him, to get dressed up as a princess too. He's OBSESSED with any child that has chubby cheeks. He's notorious for stalking children in nursery and pinching their cheeks if the let him. He's in love with one little girl in particular who is just chubby goodness all around. He's been known to gently push her down so he can poke her chubby legs and ride her like a horse. He's our silly little man and we sure do love him.
Brad has finished yet another semester at WSU and never ceases to amaze me with how hard he works researching and learning. It's been fun to learn things from him even though most times they're way over my head. Every day i consider myself SO SO SO blessed to have him in my life.
As for me, for those of you who don't know, i'm pregnant with a baby boy due September 5th. It was a planned pregnancy and we know there are still more children to come to our home. As challenging as being a stay at home mom is most days, i wouldn't change it for anything. I really do feel so blessed to be able to watch my babies learn and grow. They teach me so much. I truly am one lucky girl.
All in all life is good on the palouse. There is always something going on but we are definitely enjoying the ride. We love and miss you all and hope all is well in your neck of the woods! XOXO