Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas came early :)

So since we're going to UT for Christmas, brad and i decided there was a particular gift we didn't feel like lugging with us, soooooo we decided to give the kids an early Christmas present.  It was a 3 in 1 sports package (brad's idea) that included a golfing, baseball, and basketball set.  I'll admit, when he first brought it home i was like "where in the heck are we going to store that?!" But now i could (and did) kiss the man.  It has been a hit with all the kids.  I'm hoping it will help for the long winter that lays ahead.  While brad and i were putting the sets together the kids wanted to be involved and help and so Emma offered us the advice of looking at the "destructions" (meaning instructions) : )
  Here's some fun the kids and i had while Eli (and daddy ; ) napped.
I wish i'd taken some video of the baseball hitting.  Our friends got home while we were out playing and on our little friend Ethan's first swing (with the help of his mom) the ball hit Jude square in the chest, luckily it didn't hurt him and we were all bent over giggling.  We finished the day off with a family swim at the local aquatic center.  Eli was CRAZY in the pool, wish i had video to show for it :(  Needless to say, it was a fun filled family day : )
Of course Jude had to take the golfing to the top of the hill : )

Attacking of the paparazzi brittany spears style!

beating the muddy hill

Great Grandma Ashley's blood runs thick with this one

I'm a lion!

who needs snow?

Especially when you have a brother who LOVES to push

Can i just say i LOVE these next two pictures? This is Emma with our new like-family friend Brooklyn.

Can you see the love?!
Also on a side note, i have always started reading to our kids at infancy.  It's a favorite part of our daily routine.  Lately we've been encouraging emma to try sounding out the words.  Often she'll fight us cause she just wants us to read to her, but the other day i bribed her with a cookie (i'm not ashamed!) to try reading 2 books to me.  Mind you these were 2 new books from the library that we hadn't read before.  I was blown away at how she plowed through them!  Emma you never cease to amaze me with how bright you are! We're so proud of you baby girl! xo


Kirsten Hymas said...

I'm so glad I DIDN'T hurt Jude, I would've felt so bad! Too bad you couldn't see his face when it hit him. He didn't even flinch, like "oh, did that just hit me? nbd"

Other than that, I'm in love with the last couple love.